Free 3D Models for 3D Studio MAX and other 3D Softwares

Download a Few Free 3D Models from MrCAD’s Library.

             3D Animal – Grimbor

3D Animal

Here’s an example of a complex poly modeling using 3d studio Max. You can download the 3d model without textures and hair. The zip file contains .3ds file which can easily be imported in almost all 3D Softwares

Download the FREE 3D Model :

                   A Baby Lion Designer Chair Model

 3d designer chair

A Designer Furniture Chair from the MrFurniture Collection of furnitures. Its created using the polygon subd. Feel free to use it in your renders. The zip contain .3ds file format which can easily be imported in most of the 3d Softwares

Download the FREE 3D Model :

                      3D Curtain / Drape Model

free 3D Curtain Drape Model

A very useful Curtain / Drape Model for your scenes. The Curtain was made using edit poly too. The zip contains a .3ds file which can be used in most of the 3d applications.

Download the FREE 3D Model :

              3D Studio Max 8 Radiosity Room Setup

3d studio max radiosity setup

For all you beginners trying to figure of the radiosity lighting techniques can download this scene as a reference. You can see how fast the scene render with the quality that you see on the image. 3D Studio Max radiosity has alot of benefits since you only need to compute the radiosity once and can animate with the same lighting quality. Well you can further tweak the values from the radiosity panel to get different results. The zip file contain 3D Studio Max 8 (.max) file format.

Download the FREE 3D Model :


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impresive great work. really appricate. liked the site .

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