3ds max 2012 Product update 7

3ds max 2012
Fixes for Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 / Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2012 Product Update 7


- Constrained points were adversely affected by CATmode. They now behave correctly.
- IK chain creation now works properly from the Animation drop-down menu.
- The buttons on the Tangents toolbar in Track View now work correctly.
- A performance issue in Track View related to some MAXScript commands was identified and fixed.
- A program error would occur in some animation rigs when closing or resetting the program or resetting the scene. This has been fixed.
- Biped twist bone locations now work properly when saving and loading the scene.


- Rendering a scene with file-linked FBX data would cause the error message: “missing DLL:fbxfilelink.dlf – fbxmaxwrapper.” This has been fixed.

Customer Error Reports (CER)

There are 25+ CER related fixes in this Product Update. We have fixed reports in the following areas:
- Multiple program errors on startup in 64-bit and also some 32-bit cases.
- Program error in UI rollouts.
- Multiple reports related to opening files.
- A Point Cache modifier that had two or more instanced point caches would cause a report on exit.
- Parameter Maps in Materials.
- Multiple reports related to closing the software.
- Two program errors on start-up related to Nitrous.
- Multiple Internal notification system reports.
- Adding tools in the UI.
- SDK paths.
- Layer Manager.
- Collectors.
- Texture Maps.
- AutoCam.
- Material Shading Modes.
- Triangle meshes.
- Computing Normals.
- Mini dump.


- Fixed a program error when loading the sample file radiosity.max.
- The Bitmap/Photometric Path Editor utility would cause a program error if “Include Materials Editor” was turned on. This has been fixed.

Feature Summary

- When using a large-scale unit a dialog has been suppressed for Send To workflows.

- An update was done for the online help to work better with Proxy servers.


- When using custom DirectX FX shaders, writing to and reading from an off-screen buffer did not work. This has been fixed.
- A program error with a Pick Node callback has been fixed.


- ProCutter now retains the correct texture placement when you use the “Explode By Elements” setting.
- A performance degradation over time was identified and has been fixed.
- Hidden objects were being evaluated and slowing performance hit. Hidden objects are no longer evaluated.
- Using “Save File Properties” was very slow when the scene had a large number of textures. This has been fixed.


- Align now works correctly for scaled groups.
- A program error was fixed when using ActiveShade in an extended viewport.
- Scripted geometry was not visible in Nitrous viewports. This has been fixed.
- Custom meshes converted from MassFX primitive physical meshes were not visible in Nitrous viewports. This has been fixed.
- Nitrous and Quicksilver were not correctly displaying scripted materials and XMSL/MSL shaders. They now display them correctly.


- Multi/Sub-object materials were causing a significant slowdown in translation time. This has been fixed.
- Indirect Illumination shadows were far less obvious than they should be in Quicksilver renderings. This has been fixed.
- When rendering via Deadline a file load issue has been resolved. Deadline now renders correctly.

UVW Unwrap

- A program error would occur when trying to stitch a selection. This has been fixed.
- A program error related to Pelt and Relax was identified and fixed.


- The Undo operation now works correctly after using Bind.
- A program error related to Paramblock2 was identified and fixed.
- When using a .max file with XRefs as a material library, a program error could occur when dragging and dropping the materials. This has been fixed.

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