3D Tutorial : Animation Rigging Tutorial

                                                                                 Feature Animation Series Dvd

Over 8 hours of videos takes you by step through the tools and techniques used to completely rig a character from head to toe. All of the lessons are geared toward creating a rig with the features and flexibility expected in most feature animation studios are detailed these lessons.


Having worked at DreamWorks Animation and currently Disney Feature Animation, Aaron Holly draws on this production experience to bring you the ideas, tools & techniques necessary to provide animators with the flexibility and control they absolutely require.

Short rigging tutorials only showing you bits & pieces but not the complete process? We’re visual people, so wouldn’t you rather SEE how it’s done? Would you like to learn the tools & techniques to create a production-ready character typical of the major feature animation studios? If so, this tutorial was made just for you!

Rigging for Feature Animation is the first of a 3-part tutorial series covering every aspect of rigging a character for feature animation production. Using out-of-the-box Maya tools & techniques, these lessons walk you through a thorough and complete character rigging process in the fullest detail.

You will learn various unique, production-caliber techniques in these lessons. And because there is no one way to skin a cat (that’s a whole ‘nother set of tutorials!), more than one solution is often covered. For example, you are not only shown the steps in building a Stretchy Spline IK but also learn how to build a Stretchy "Ribbon" Spine, which gives animators greater control over their spine animation. Or you’ll learn how to build a Scapula with Conditional Rotations and then, having fully understood the process, learn procedural rig building through a thoroughly documented MEL script that will teach you how to automate this same rigging process.

Our goal is to provide you with the solutions & fundamental understanding to be able to build rigs to meet your own needs today and empower you to continue building your skills well into the future. Since no two pipelines are the same we believe it is best to roll up your sleeves and LEARN how to build and troubleshoot rigs in production. This tutorial was designed to do just that.

Rigging for Feature Animation will be available in early March. Two more tutorials in this series will follow shortly; Skinning for Feature Animation and Facial Rigging for Feature Animation.

Fahrenheit Digital is also working to bring additional tutorials with up to date & unique information, including a Mechanical Rigging tutorial and a 2-part Visual Effects Creature Rigging tutorial. Others will follow throughout the year.

For more detailed information about this and other upcoming tutorials visit:


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