The Tiger VFX reel by 4th Creative Party

4th Creative Party from Korea has made avaible a VFX reel created for Hoon Jung Park’s "The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale". The an entire CG/3D Tiger with Maya and Rendered with Vray.

You can check out the video :

MaxToC4D 2.0 is now out


Max2c4d is a tool for transferring 3DS Max scenes to Cinema 4D. New features include:

 - Many more V-Ray features supported
 - V-Ray 3.00 and V-Ray 3.20 supported in 3DS Max and new V-Ray for C4D
 - V-Ray FastPrev included – tool to render V-Ray scenes faster, to check if scene looks good before final render
 - Support for V-Ray lights, sun, sky, IEs lights, procedural maps, Blend materials, Composite, Car Paint, Matte, etc.
 - More procedural shaders supported (more compatibility)
 - Transfer whole scene or selected objects
 - Lightmanager plugin updated – V-Ray lights support and conversion option for faster renders
 - Detect wrong characters in texture file names/objects/materials, plus an option to fix this automatically
 - Now it’s possible to choose temporary save path
 - Turbosmooth/Meshmooth converted to subdivision generator

Plus a number of bug fixes.
Future 2.xx version updates will be free to 2.0 customers.

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Doors and handles MCG

3d door and handles
GCMs to create parametric doors and door handles
We have developed four GCMs to help in the daily work of 3D1 readers that produce models with 3ds max, allow you to create 3 different types of doors with detailed stop and 3 types of handles, all parameterized.

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krita 2.9.7 Released

bricks krita
Krita is an open source image painting and editing application. Features included are as below
Tangent Normal Brush engine (for drawing normal maps), new set of icons with ability to choose their size, color space selector, ability to merge selection masks, any selection can now be converted into a vector shape


Read more about krita at

FurryBall RT 1.1

furryball 1.1
FurryBall 1.1 the raytrace engine features
 - Now we are ready for Linux and OSX (hopefully come later this year)
 - Response in viewport is about 10x faster than old FurryBall 4.8
 - Interactive post-processes (tune post processes without re-rendering) (Glow, Chromatic Aberration, Gamma…)
 - Interactive post-process Noise reduction (Whole image compare)
 - Easy interface – quality can be tuned by one parameter
 - Better quality (more physically accurate)
 - Unlimited number of GPUs
 - Tile rendering (Unlimited resolution output)
 - Physically based materials and lights
 - Physically based Indirect lighting (Global illumination)
 - Less GPU memory
 - Physically based DOF – NO extra render time!
 - Real Motion blur – Video
 - Maya Particles and NParticles – Video (Fume FX and Krakatoa come soon we hope)
 - Render passes – now NO extra render time
 - Unlimited layered shaders
 - IPR render support
 - Shave & Haircut and Maya hairs (Yeti come soon we hope)
 - Curve rendering
 - Raytraced Maya Fluids
 - Improved Carpaint material
 - Improved SSS material
 - Ramp shader with texture
 - Layered textures
 - Hair shader
 - Subdivision and Displacement (based on Open subdiv)
 - Vector Displacement
 - Support for all Maya image formats (PSD, tiff, tga, bmp, etc.)
 - New FurryBall lights
 - Color matte pass (unlimited number of colors)
 - Support for Arnold, V-Ray and Mental Ray shaders
 - BiFrost (mesh rendering)
 - Xgen (splines and spheres only)
 - Much, much more…. complete list of features
   Missing something? Let us know!

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Geo Maya Hair 2.6 is out

geo maya hair 2.6

Geo Maya Hair which is a more advanced version of GMH Script for Maya. It is allow you to develop complex hair styles with the polygon modeling developed by Phung Dinh Dzung.

The latest version 2.6 features includes the options to generate polygon hair strips to use for next-gen game, bake hair to textures on polygon planes, a material manager for applying multiple shaders to hair geometry, and the option to export hair in OBJ or FBX format as curves or poly meshes.
Compatible with (32 & 64 bit version): Maya 2015 and on-ward
Script format: Mel.
Primary platform: Window.
note: For Linux and Mac OS, There will be a slightly change in the UI of GMH2 as Maya’sMel for Mac/Linux doesnt support button with Images.

Version 2.6 (13/05/2015)
Converting and baking next-gen polygon hair are now available
Next-gen polygon hair generation
Baking hair to polygon plane’s textures (diffuse, normal and alpha maps)
- Material & UV manager: apply different shaders / texture regions to multi polygon hair polygon surfaces.
Export manager: Export Hair as curves or polygon in Obj or FBX format.

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Golaem Crowd Simulation 2015 reels

goleam for maya

Goleam the France based developers which is Crowd Simulation Software for Maya have created 3 excellent reels that show how the work is done by Artists and Studios with Goleam. Check out their videos on

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Free CAT Family Model

cat-family 3d
Fully controllable poly mesh for making the member of the CAT family. Like Lion, Tiger, cheetah, leopard and more..

The CAT-family is a symmtery model so you will be able to see only the half of it. You will be able to see the sliders such as ‘Head Scale’, ‘Neck’, ‘Head Rotate’, ‘Front thigh’, ‘Rear Thigh’ and many more..which are all controllable for changing the size. Total of 14 sliders are added to the model. Once you finish the changes you can then mirror the mesh (without meshsmooth) and remember to weld the tail which is seperate. Well most of the users would know how to work with the polygon mesh.

This is a 3ds Max Model

cat family

Please Note : This is a Non Commercial Model

Download from the below link



Free Denim Fabric and Wall Textures

denim fabric wall textures

Here are a few Free Denim Fabric and Wall textures for you ArchViz projects.
You can Download them from the below link

Free Denim Fabric Wall Textures

Esri released CityEngine2015

cityengine 2015
Esri’s 3D urban environment creation software released its new version of CityEngine 2015. The New features include

- New ‘Procedural Handles’ – configurable UI components for editing distances, lengths, angles, states, or colors
- Modernized layer management with new easy-to-use Scene Editor
- Enhanced real-time shadows based on daytime and location
- Faster data export and better publishing workflows
- Advanced support for Esri File Geodatabase

You can download a trial version of of CityEngine 2015 from ESRI’s site.

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